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St. James, Winter Session, Artist Materials, Week 2

Materials waiting to be used…yarn, ribbon, Q-tips, glitter paper, pom-pom balls, cotton balls, paper, tissue paper, pipe cleaners, and felt. 4 panels on an accordion book to be creative with all white materials to create winter scenes. Let the creating begin!

Focused girls also having a little fun with the materials.

The girls love sharing their work, and I love hearing them share! What I love about open-ended materials is that every artist has a different way of using them. Some girls chose to use the cotton balls to make a snowman, while others chose to use yarn for a snowman. Snow queens, winter owls, and snowballs all made an appearance in the various winter scenes. Accordion books are easy to make and there are so many ways to use them. The girls had a great time creating winter white scenes!


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Beans, rice, popcorn, lentils, noodles, and leaves were the materials that the girls used to create their collages this week. A Fall scene was suggested as an idea for their collages or they could create something of their own idea. Some girls chose Fall scenes and some chose their own ideas. As always, I thoroughly enjoyed watching how unique and varied their art turned out. How inspiring!







After everyone was finished with their collages, we gathered around and the girls shared something about their work…”I was thinking about the wind and leaves falling…,” “I made a sky and rainbow…,” “I named my boat Yellow Eye Cow…,” “I like watching the leaves change…”



Thanks girls for sharing your creativity and for another great week together!


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I leave every Thursday afternoon honored to be with the girls and inspired by their innate creativity. This week we focused on collage. We were inspired by two books this week… A Child’s Day, an alphabet of play by Ida Pearle and Let It Shine by Ashley Bryan. Both books display brilliant cut-out collages using vibrant papers and colors. Bryan’s book celebrates three songs, “This Little Light of Mine,” “Oh, When the Saints Go Marching In,” and “He’s Got the Whole World in His Hands.” The girls and I had fun singing through the book! The girls pored over various collage books before getting started on their own.



The girls chose various materials…magazines, ribbon, cards, tissue paper, construction paper, etc. to glue on white illustration board. They had no trouble getting started. Every week they focus on their project and the creativity flows.






Every girl created a different, unique collage! How wonderful!


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