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I can’t believe we had our last session for the Fall! This workshop session was full of giving, reflecting, storytelling, and celebrating! Last week the girls completed a group project. I originally thought the piece of art was going to be donated to a local business, but after some reflection, I decided to let the girls decide to give it away to someone at St. James. They immediately thought of their principal, Mrs. Hovell. It recently had been her birthday. So, when the girls gathered, I had a card waiting that we all signed. And then the girls presented the art to Mrs. Hovell. The girls were so excited and Mrs. Hovell was surprised and loved her one-of-a-kind art work. She had the girls sign the back, so she will always remember who the art was from. The girls thought giving away art that they were apart of was fun, exciting, happy, and even a little scary.

I read the book I’m In Charge of Celebrations by Byrd Baylor to the girls. I love this book! A girl who lives in the desert believes she is in charge of her own celebrations…After seeing a triple rainbow, August 9th is Rainbow Celebration Day, September 28th is Coyote Day, and in the middle of every August is The Time of Falling Stars. I asked the girls what November 19th could be…the girls chose November 19th as Art Giving Day! I love it!

The girls finished up some storytelling. They had created a storyboard of a made-up story or an existing one. They drew pictures of the story in sequential order. A princess sees the sun and flowers and picked a flower, a girl named Ashley went to the pet store, the story of Rapunzel and a story of a boat, a flower growing bigger and bigger. Wonderful storytelling girls!

Our final celebration was that the girls received their creative arts gift bags! I sewed a bag for each girl using the easy drawstring bag pattern on the website http://www.purlbee.com. I included a small moleskin journal for poetry writing, a mini canvas for painting, watercolor postcards, rock crayons, and a scarf for storytelling fun! I had so much fun making the bags for the girls. They were so excited and I’ll always remember the looks on their faces when they received the bags. Girls, I believe you are all so creative and I can’t wait to see you in January! Love, Ms. Shelli


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