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Our Spring session kicked off with a homemade snack and the book I am Special by Max Lucado. A sweet book that reminds us that we are all unique and special and …”fearfully and wonderfully made.” And what our Creator thinks of us matters the most. They each received a verse card to remind them of this(Psalm 139:14).

I shared with the girls that sometimes writer’s write “free writes,” where they just write and write what comes to mind and just get out their thoughts. I had the girls partner up and do “free talks.” They had the words “I am…” as a starter and talked and talked about who they are with their partner.

Next, the girls were introduced to Lune poetry. A poem with three lines, the first line has three words, the second line has five words, and the third line has three words. That’s it! I gave the girls a frame to work with…

I am__________________.

I am_____________ and________________.

I am__________________.

The girls wrote their Lunes and then glued it in the middle of some white paper. They added drawings around their poems that matched.

Last, the girls love sharing their work on the stage outside the Art Room. So, they each read their poems and talked about their illustrations.

A wonderful way to begin our Spring Session!

Reminder: our next workshop is April 15– Materials of Art


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Let’s Celebrate! Snacking on homemade cranberry bread and talking about favorite winter snacks started our celebration. Next, the girls finished their “Snowy Day” projects. Inspired by the front cover of The Snowy Day by Ezra Jack Keats, the girls cut out their snowy scenes and glued them onto illustration board. They added blocks of color on the top using oil pastels(they were given a choice of crayons, oil pastels, or cutting blocks of paper to glue on top and all the girls chose oil pastels). Enjoy the pictures of the girls working and their final products.

Our final celebration was a poetry reading! I saved the list poems that the girls wrote during our Poetry workshop and made each of them a compilation of everyone’s poems including a few extras(a list poem that I wrote and my son Asher wrote:)). They practiced reading the poems and then read them to the group. What a great way to end our celebration!

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Winter Poetry

St. James, Winter Session, Week 1

Happy New Year! I am very excited to begin a new year with your creative children!¬† Our first session together began as we settled into our opening ritual…sharing names, sharing something each girl was good at, eating homemade strawberry muffins, and listening to many winter poems. I found some great poetry books about winter at the library. The first one was A Snowflake Fell, Poems About Winter compiled by Laura Whipple, illustrated by Hatsuki Hori. The illustrations are inviting and beautiful and the poems made us smile, giggle, and dream about either getting all dressed up and playing in the snow or staying cozy inside to drink hot chocolate. Another nice book is Winter Poems selected by Barbara Rogasky, illustrated by Trina Schart Hyman. After the girls listened to many poems, we went for a “Winter Walk.” I set up four tables to help inspire a sense of winter. Table 1 had many winter books on it and the girls browsed through them as they shared aloud what they saw in the books…”a magic snowman,” “snow,” “throwing snowballs,” “animals in burrows.”

Table 2 was the Nature Table. The girls loved  touching all the nature goodies from outside.

Table 3 the girls looked at old Christmas cards and beautiful illustrations in some of the poetry books and shared more winter words.

At table 4 the girls listened to some Winter music, I played 2 songs from The Nutcracker Suite and a winter instrumental song from John Cage, The Seasons. As they listened they drew a winter picture.

We gathered and the girls shared their winter pictures. Next, I read them some list poems from the book Winter Eyes, poems and paintings by Douglas Florian. What I Love About Winter and What I Hate About Winter were two list poems that we all enjoyed listening to. The girls paired up to write their own list poems of what they love or hate about winter. We shared and then it was time to go! I have collected the poems because I will be making the girls a special winter poem book that includes their poems for our Culminating Celebration! Thank you girls for a wonderful first session!

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The “Stand Up” game during our Opening Ritual. We take a few moments each week to get to know something about each other. Cecila – “Stand Up if you like poems!” They all stood up! Yeah! Please look at the next 2 posts to see the poetry activities we did this week. Keep scrolling down if you missed Week One’s posts.

poetry 2_1

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Poetry Activity #1

The girls were paired up and given a baggie of words cut out from various magazines. They had to arrange the words into a poem. They were encouraged to read it to listen to how it sounded, listen for rhythm, and to find the best order of words. They read their poems for the group. It’s fun to “play” with words!






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Poetry Activity #2

The girls used oil pastels and added color to their paper while listening to music from the CD “San Juan Suite 2 – A Day In The Islands” by Michael Gettel. They were instructed to walk around to each piece of art and write one word on a sticky note, a word that says how they felt when looking at the art or what the art made them think of. Each piece of art had many sticky notes around it. Next, they took their sticky notes and arranged them into a poem. Super fun!







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poem 10

poem 11

poem 12

poem 13

poem 14

The watercolor paintings will be mounted next the poem “Afternoon on a Hill.”

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